How to recharge BIGO LIVE Diamonds online?

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the network live industry is also developing rapidly. Webcasting is gradually becoming the main way of entertainment for some netizens, and it is common to send gifts to anchors. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the scale of users covered by webcasting is more than 560 million people. Which live streaming platform do you usually prefer? Have you played BIGO LIVE? How to recharge BIGO LIVE?

How to use BIGO LIVE?

  1. First you need to download BIGO LIVE App from the app store;
  2. You can login with Facebook, Google plus, Gmail id;
  3. Provide all necessary permissions;
  4. After successful registration, you can watch all the live streams on the homepage.

How to recharge BIGO LIVE Diamonds online?

Recharge BIGO LIVE Diamonds on APP

  1. Go to BIGO LIVE, click on the “Me” in the bottom right corner;
  2. Click on “Wallet”;

C) Select BIGO LIVE Diamond packages.

Recharge BIGO LIVE Diamonds by Razer Gold

You can recharge your BIGO LIVE Diamond with the Razer Gold PIN. However, Razer Gold PIN is only available for certain countries.

  1. Go to the BIGO Payment Center;
  2. Enter your BIGO ID and verification;
  3. Select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method;
  4. Enter the Razer Gold serial number and PIN;
  5. After the payment is completed, the BIGO LIVE Diamonds will be credited to your BIGO account.

Recharge BIGO LIVE Diamonds by Web Shop

You can purchase BIGO LIVE diamonds directly from the official website of BIGO LIVE.

  1. Enter your BIGO ID and select the recharge amount;
  2. Checkout and select your payment method;
  3. After payment, BIGO LIVE Diamonds will be recharged.

Recharge BIGO LIVE Diamonds by third-party platforms

You can’t recharge BIGO LIVE in China, you need an ID from another country and it’s very convenient to find a third party top up platform. Nowadays, third-party top-up platforms are very formal and safe.

What is BIGO LIVE Diamond?

BIGO LIVE’s currency system consists of three main parts: Diamond, Bean and Coin. Diamond is what you can get by directly topping up and can buy gifts; Bean is what you get after the anchor is given gifts and can be withdrawn or exchanged for Diamond; and Coin needs to participate in platform tasks and activities to get it, and Coin can be exchanged for gifts. Simply put, if you want to give gifts to the anchor, then you need to have Diamond on your account.

Where can you buy Razer Gold?

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