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How to top up BIGO? BIGO LIVE is a popular social platform based on live streaming, where users can share their lives and interact with people from all over the world. To enhance the user experience and support their favorite streamers, users can recharge BIGO LIVE diamonds to purchase virtual gifts and other features. In this article, we will discuss how to buy BIGO diamonds and why you might want to do so.

BIGO LIVE top up method

BIGO LIVE top-up is actually very easy in many areas, but for some users who are new to this app, BIGO LIVE recharge diamonds is “super new”. Even if this is the case, don’t worry too much, there are two quick ways to recharge Bigo:

Top Up BIGO LIVE Diamonds on https://m.bigopay.tv/

Go to this official website, follow the prompts to make payment, and then BIGO recharge Malaysia will be completed.

Top Up BIGO on bigolivetopup.com web

  • Search [bigolivetopup.com] or click [top up BIGO] on the internet
  • Select BIGO Live Diamonds amount
  • Enter your BIGO ID
  • Choose the payment method and pay (there are more than ten foreign payment methods to choose from, such as: PayPal, Visa, JCB, 711, etc.)
  • Wait a few minutes for your BIGO LIVE account to be successfully topped up, if you have any questions you can always contact the online customer

Why do some users need to top up BIGO on Bigolivetopup?

The first thing you need to understand is that many BIGO third-party top up platforms are now officially authorized to provide top-up services. So BIGO third-party top up platforms are also the official channel to top up BIGO LIVE diamonds. Some people may ask: why not choose Bigo third-party top up platforms instead of official top-ups? Also, your account region must be the same as the region where you intend to buy BIGO direct top-up. That’s why there are BIGO third-party top up platforms out there. As an example: want to Bigo top up Malaysia, and the official does not support MYR payment, so Malaysian users or those who use MYR payment need to go to Bigolivetopup to complete Bigo live top up Malaysia. You can buy Bigo Live cheap diamonds on our website!

How Much is Diamond in Bigo?

Whether we buy a product on the internet or in a street store, we are very concerned about the price. Whether the price is reasonable or not can help us decide. So how much is diamond in Bigo? The price of Bigo Live Diamond on bigolivetopup is very low. 500 Bigo Diamonds are only $9.16, so if you want to top up Bigo Diamond at the lowest price, come to BIGOLIVETOPUP!

Why Need to Top Up BIGO?

Recharging BIGO Live diamonds allows users to purchase virtual gifts and send them to their favorite streamers as a form of support. These gifts can be used to express appreciation, attract the attention of the streamer, and gain access to exclusive features like VIP rooms or shoutouts. Additionally, BIGO diamonds can be used to purchase in-app currency, which can be used for other purposes like upgrading your account, buying stickers, or playing games. Topping up BIGO diamonds not only enhances your experience on the platform but also helps support the content creators who make the platform so engaging.


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