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How to recharge Bigo diamonds

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How to recharge Bigo Diamonds? This is a question we have been constantly rounding up. Bigo Live is now a popular platform in the entertainment space and more and more people are joining Bigo. Bigo Live Diamonds are the virtual currency used in the app to buy virtual gifts and unlock more advanced features. How can I get Bigo Diamonds? Is there any free  Bigo Live cheap diamonds recharge strategy? Next, we have summarized several ways to buy Bigo diamonds cheaply and quickly, as well as the channels to recharge Bigo for free that everyone is very concerned about. By the way, I also learned that the limit for topping up Bigo is still not very clear, so I’ll explain it together for you today. If you are also interested, then read the following content to start the trip to get Bigo.

How to recharge Bigo Diamonds?

How to purchase Bigo diamonds? I think the official Bigo recharge method doesn’t need too much explanation again, if you meet the official recharge conditions, then you can complete the Bigo recharge cheap step by step according to the tips. But today, we mainly reveal some niche ways, which are applicable to Bigo recharge Malaysia, Bigo recharge India, Bigo top up Indonesia and so on.

Online third party platform

There are many online recharge methods, but not every one of them is suitable for you. The safe way to top up is of course the official Bigo, but there are many people who can’t top up at the official site, probably due to restrictions on regions, currencies and payment methods. Another way is the online third party Bigo Live top up platform, which is also a relatively safe and fast way to recharge diamonds. How to recharge Bigo diamonds? If you want to top up on an official platform, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Look for an officially authorized website, which can guarantee the security of recharge, like bigolivetopup, this platform is officially authorized, there will not be a situation of running orders.
  2. Directly in the web page search Bigolivetopup or can also directly click on the upper red button “ How to recharge Bigo diamonds” to enter the home page.
  3. Register and log in to the platform account.
  4. Select the currency in the upper right corner to see the amount of Bigo Diamonds corresponding to the currency you are paying.
  5. There are two ways to recharge: the first one is ID direct recharge, which requires you to fill in your Bigo ID; the second one is gift card, which requires you to fill in your email address. Either way, it’s a very convenient way to recharge your diamonds.
  6. Then you can choose the specification of Bigo you want to recharge, and click “buy” directly. The recommended size is 1000 diamonds, and the daily specials make it even more affordable. If you want to get more favorable price, we recommend you to top up the big size package at one time.
  7. According to the prompts, fill in the relevant information, please note that you must check the information, so as to avoid recharging errors can not be refunded.
  8. In the last step, choose a payment method, the system will be automatically shipped. There are many kinds of payment methods: Bigo recharge PayPal, credit card, bank card and other local payments.

Offline store recharge

Does Bigo recharge exist offline? Nowadays, it is more popular to recharge online, which is more convenient and faster. But many people also want to use cash to recharge, how to do? There are some offline merchants that support recharging Bigo, so you can actually go and ask them. But it is not very recommended this way, the first can not know whether the store is officially authorized, this kind of recharge is easy to be cheated, many people give the money to the merchant, but did not recharge your account Bigo diamonds, using some fraudulent tactics. Even if you confront him, he will not admit it.

What can be free during Bigo recharge?

What is the best way for you to get Bigo diamonds free? First of all, don’t ever go to believe those bad merchants on the Internet with the banner of free recharge, the third-party Bigo diamond recharge platform has never been free of charge, but the third party will have some discounted prices, and the price of the recharge will be a little bit cheaper than the official price after using it, but it’s definitely not free of charge! In fact, there are some major ways to get free Bigo diamonds on the official platform:

  • Daily tasks, you can get a certain amount of free diamonds by completing the set tasks every day.
  • Activity Rewards, Bigo Live regularly organizes activities, which is one way to get free Bigo diamonds.
  • Check-in rewards, logging in to Bigo every day and completing check-ins may earn you some diamonds.

In fact, there are many ways to get free Bigo Live diamonds, but these diamonds obtained are very small, continue to use the user, it is recommended to recharge directly in the Bigolivetopup platform, super promotional activities, waiting for you to receive discount coupons!

How much can I recharge diamonds in Bigo?

The smallest Bigo recharge package on our platform is 200 diamonds, which will cost you about $3.66 USD. And the largest specification is 80,000 diamonds, if you want to recharge more diamonds, you can increase the quantity. Our platform has the best price and the most activities, how to recharge Bigo diamonds? Then choose Bigolivetopup, the platform that the public trusts!


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