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How to recharge Bigo diamonds? Do you want to buy Bigo gift card? Bigo Live is taking the world by storm, and many people like to share their lives or show off their talents through short videos and live streaming. Bigo is really an app that allows people to relax after work. The only setup is that if you want to get higher privileges and send gifts to your favorite authors, you need to top up Bigo Diamonds. The price of official Bigo diamonds and the limitations on recharging made a lot of people want to uninstall Bigo, and at first who wouldn’t. But after a lot of searching and comparing, I realized that it’s not that easy! But after I kept searching and comparing, I summarized some ways to buy Bigo diamonds cheaply! If you’re confused by the high price of Bigo diamonds then this article will save you from the mire. It will only take you a few minutes to learn how to buy gift cards, the steps to recharge your gift cards to Bigo, the cheapest platform to purchase Bigo Live diamonds and much more.

Can you use gift cards on Bigo?

There are actually many ways to recharge Bigo Live, the simpler one is to recharge directly in the Bigo application software by binding the bank card, in other words, it’s ID direct. Bigo Live tv doesn’t support all the bank card binding, so it leads to a lot of people can’t recharge Bigo diamonds normally. At this time, you may synchronize the thought of gift cards! Can gift cards be used in Bigo? Of course, Bigo gift card top up is also a faster way.

How do I buy Bigo Gift Card?

Actually, the most important thing in reloading is where you can buy Bigo gift cards. I present to you certainly the cheapest and most convenient channel to buy them. Remember whether you can recharge officially or not, this method is tried so that you know the original Bigo diamond price Malaysia can be so low! Find a recharge Bigo website and then Bigo recharge cheap by gift card, after successful payment customer service will send the gift card to your email, use the gift card can be recharged!

Steps to recharge diamonds in Bigo

Now we will show you how to top up Bigo Diamonds step by step!

  1. Click on “Bigo Live Recharge Malaysia” or “Bigo Recharge India” to go directly to the Bigo Recharge page.
  2. Select “Gift Card”.
  3. Select the specifications and click “Buy”.
  4. Register for a free login account.
  5. Fill in the relevant information, pay special attention to confirm the email address, so as not to be able to send the gift card.
  6. After payment, the gift card will be sent to your email address in a few minutes. Payment can be made using Bigo recharge PayPal, Bigo recharge Visa, etc.

Get Cheap Diamonds At Bigolivetopup

Who doesn’t want to buy Bigo diamonds cheap! Low cost recharge Bigo diamonds is how many people’s heart! This is a cheap way to bookmark it! At Bigolivetopup website, you can top up your diamonds at the lowest price on the net. Because it often has promotional activities, plus the introduction of many low-cost Bigo packages, conversion is simply no money! What are you waiting for? The coupons are endless!

How do I see the account when I recharge Bigo Diamonds with a gift card?

Once you have purchased a gift card, you can use it directly in the Bigo software. Top up at Bigo and pay with the gift card. Check your Bigo Diamond account after a few minutes to see if it has been credited. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to recharge. If it doesn’t arrive, please contact customer service.


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