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How do I recharge Bigo tv with PayPal? Can Bigo and PayPal be used together? Is it cheap to top up Bigo with PayPal? Bigo Live is a live short video program that is very popular all over the world. One of the rules of use is that if you want to support your favorite authors or works, use diamonds to buy virtual gifts from Bigo. Where do I get Bigo Live diamonds? Diamonds are the virtual currency of Bigo tv and you need to recharge it. How to Bigo tv recharge PayPal? Can I use PayPal to Bigo recharge Malaysia, Bigo recharge India? It will take you a few minutes to teach you to recharge Bigo Live cheap diamonds using PayPal easily!

What payment methods are available for Bigoļ¼Ÿ

It is necessary to know the payment method of Bigo Live tv, which is the first step to recharge Bigo diamonds. Bigo Diamonds can be purchased through many payment methods, like PayPal, Visa, bank card and so on. But you need to note that the official website of Bigo Live doesn’t support all currencies for recharging, so even if you have a supported payment method, you can’t buy Bigo diamonds cheap. There are also gift cards available as a way to top up Bigo tv. How to buy Bigo gift cards?

Steps to top up PayPal for Bigo tv

Since PayPal is a common payment method used by most people, let’s start with a detailed answer to the steps of recharging PayPal on Bigo tv, dividing the whole process into three parts:


Before Bigo tv recharge, check your Bigo ID, prepare a valid email and payment method, and find a reliable Bigo recharge platform. With these preparations done you can move to the next stage and officially start recharging Bigo diamonds. If you can’t recognize which platform is reliable, you can refer to try the recommended Bigo tv recharge platforms below.


  1. Go to the Bigo third-party recharge page, register and log in to your platform account.
  2. Then choose the currency you pay in, the purpose of this step is to check the price of each diamond specification.
  3. Then select the top-up method, ID direct or gift card.
  4. Multiple Bigo diamond sizes can be selected, click “Buy”.
  5. The prepared Bigo ID and email address will come in handy in this step, fill in the relevant information carefully to avoid recharging errors.
  6. Payment method, the third party provides a variety of payment methods, you can choose the payment method you are ready to pay. The most convenient payment method is definitely Bigo recharge PayPal!


After completing the above steps and waiting for a few minutes, Bigo Diamonds will be recharged to your Bigo account, which you can view directly in the Bigo software. If you still have any questions or want to follow up, you can contact our customer service.

Bigo Live top up diamond platform introduction

In the mixed network, some scammers will always try to make a profit. This also warns users who need to choose a Bigo agent to carefully choose a reliable platform, which is the most important step for successful recharge! To the users who just contacted the use of third-party recharge recommend a few I use after I think all aspects are good cut very reliable platform.


This is a very long established online Bigo Live tv diamond recharge platform that is officially authorized. It is also one of the few large recharge platforms, so you can rest assured that the price of Bigo diamonds is also a heartwarming promotional price! From the humanized design of the website page to the attentive customer service, it gives you a different Bigo diamond recharge experience. Another reason why we recommend this Bigo recharge platform is that it supports various currencies and payment methods (including PayPal), and the system automatically delivers the diamonds to your account super fast.


Although it was not founded as long as Livesbuy, the service is very good in all aspects. The best thing about the platform is that it is cheap and safe, with frequent promotions and coupons readily available.

Which Bigo recharge platform has the cheapest price?

As mentioned above, to buy discounted Bigo diamonds you can go to the Bigolivetopup website and it must be mentioned that Bigo tv recharge PayPal is also the cheapest way to pay.


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