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Bigo recharge by Paytm

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Visa, PayPal, bank card, 711

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7×24 Customer service

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Get your diamonds in seconds

How to recharge Bigo diamonds online through Paytm? Do you want Bigo recharge India? Do you want to buy Bigo diamonds cheap? Do you want Bigo fast recharge? I am sure there are more people who are getting confused by these buy Bigo Live diamonds cheap questions. The good thing is that I have gone through all these and I know very well how to top up Bigo diamonds. If you are also interested, then take a few minutes to check it out!

Online Bigo Recharge India Method

Bigo is also very popular in India, but there are some users who can only stand outside the door and watch others share their happiness on Bigo and send gifts to their favorite authors. What is the reason for such a situation? There is no officially supported recharge method or you can’t find a Bigo recharge cheap portal. What are the online Bigo top up methods for Indian users?

Method 1

There are two official ways to recharge Bigo diamonds: First, you can recharge diamonds in the app, click “wallet” in the “My” icon to start choosing diamond specifications to buy. The second method is to click https://m.bigopay.tv/ to enter the quick recharge page.

Method 2

Choose a third-party recharge platform like Bigolivetopup, which is safer and more cost-effective. The most important thing is that the third party recharge website is able to support multiple currencies and multiple payment methods. What are you waiting for the convenient and cheap Bigo recharge?

How to recharge Bigo Live Diamonds using Paytm?

Paytm is the most used payment method in India, why can’t I Bigo recharge by Paytm? Who says you can’t recharge it? This is too one sided, officially Bigo can’t use Paytm to buy diamonds, but you can choose officially authorized third party platforms like bigolivetopup. steps to recharge Bigo via Paytm:

  1. First click on our website link “https://www.bigolivetopup.com/” to enter the recharge homepage.
  2. Click on the top right corner to register for free and log in.
  3. Select the recharge method “ID Direct” or “buy bigo gift card“.
  4. Select the package you want to top up, if you need Bigo Diamonds frequently, we recommend you to buy them in bulk to get a better price.
  5. Select the specification, click “Buy”, the system will automatically pop up to fill in the information box.
  6. Fill in the information must be carefully determined, to avoid incorrect information can not be recharged.
  7. Finally, choose the payment method, you can choose Paytm, you can also Bigo recharge PayPal, Visa, etc.
  8. After payment, Bigo will recharge the diamonds to your account within a few minutes.

What if I can’t buy Bigo Diamonds?

There will be some cases where you can’t recharge Bigo Live tv diamonds, what is the main reason? Let’s take a look and check if Bigo supports your region and the payment method tried. There is also a possibility that you don’t have enough balance on your card, which will also prevent you from recharging Bigo.


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