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Bigo Live recharge

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Visa, PayPal, bank card, 711

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7×24 Customer service

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Get your diamonds in seconds

How do we simply complete the BIGO LIVE recharge? Users who use Bigo LIVE are exposed to Bigo Diamonds, what are Bigo Diamonds? What are the Bigo beans? How do you top up Bigo Diamonds? If you don’t know yet, then you can read this article below!

Is it easy to recharge BIGO LIVE diamonds?

If I want to Bigo diamonds recharge, I think the first thing to know is whether it is easy to top up BIGO. BIGO LIVE is open for use in many regions, and Bigo Live can also be recharged using overseas payment methods, such as Bigo recharge PayPal, Bigo recharge by Paytm. So it is not very difficult to buy bigo diamonds relative to Chinese users. Just need to find the right Bigo Live recharge channel.

Why should you recharge BIGO with us?

As mentioned above you need to find the right BIGO fast recharge channel, so where do you find the regular channel? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you directly! We won’t mention the official BIGO website here because it’s something we all know, I’m going to tell you about another Bigo Live top up site. Why do we need to introduce other BIGO Diamond top-up sites? The site I am introducing is for everyone (Including Bigo Live top up Malaysia, Bigo recharge India).

Why should you top up BIGO with us? There will be users who can’t recharge BIGO Diamond in the official website due to regional restrictions, so then you can choose Bigolivetopup, a third-party BIGO LIVE top-up site that supports dozens of payment methods overseas. And it doesn’t matter if you are in Europe or Southeast Asia you can top up without restrictions. Besides, ka-ch is also a good platform to purchase Bigo Live Diamonds.

What are the advantages of completing a bigo live recharge on our platform?

There is no reason why we recommend buying Bigo diamonds here,What are the advantages of completing a bigo live recharge on our platform? You can enjoy lower discounts than other buy Bigo Diamonds cheap methods, and there are frequent events within the site, so you should keep an eye on us! What other BIGO LIVE recharge advantages are there? Account security, we’re a very professional platform and we can protect our users’ information very well! And on our platform you can pay in any country’s currency, the payment methods include credit cards, PayPal and local payment methods.

How to cash out Bigo Beans on Bigo Live?

To know how to cash in Bigo beans, you must first be familiar with Bigo beans. What are Bigo beans? Bigo beans are a virtual currency in the Bigo LIVE application that is used to send and receive gifts. You can get beans from viewers and then convert Bigo live beans into cash or diamonds. You are only eligible to cash out if you have 6700 Bigo Beans in your account. So how to cash out Bigo beans?

Cash out to bank cards

  1. Log in to BIGO LIVE and click on the “Me” icon.
  2. Click on “Beans” in “Wallet”.
  3. Click on “Redeem Rewards”.
  4. Fill in the cash amount.
  5. Choose the bank card to withdraw the cash.
  6. Confirm to cash out Bigo Beans successfully.


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