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Why do you need to top up Bigo Diamonds? How do you buy a bigo diamond? I don’t know if you know BIGO LIVE, a very popular global live streaming platform. BIGO LIVE is available in Singapore, Chinese Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, etc. As long as you use the BIGO App, then you are bound to come into contact with BIGO Diamond and need to top up BIGO Diamond to get more services. How to recharge bigo diamond is the first problem we solve, in addition, the price of BIGO diamond is also the key to understand the content.

How to get BIGO App?

Not all regions can download and use BIGO LIVE, how to determine if your region can download BIGO App, you can directly enter the App store to search. Another easy way to download is to search for BIGO LIVE on the internet and enter the official website.


BIGO LIVE Recharge by Web Shop

You can purchase BIGO LIVE diamonds directly from the official website of BIGO LIVE.

  • Enter your BIGO ID and select the recharge amount;
  • Checkout and select your payment method;
  • After payment, BIGO LIVE Diamonds will be recharged.

Other ways to top up BIGO diamonds (www. Bigolivetopup.com)

Why do you need to know about other ways of topping up? This is for some users who can’t top up on the official website to propose another easy buy Bigo diamonds cheap. There are some reasons why you can’t top up successfully, such as payment methods, regional restrictions, etc. So you can Bigo recharge directly on the official authorized websites, as these third party websites support all regions to top up BIGO LIVE and also have a variety of payment methods to choose from, which makes the Bigo Live recharge process easy.

How much is a BIGO diamond?

How much does a bigo diamond cost? How to buy Bigo Live cheap diamonds more safely? The ratio of Bigo live diamonds is 1:10, which means that one RMB can recharge 10 Bigo diamonds.

What are the BIGO diamonds?

BIGO is a live social platform mainly for Southeast Asia. Watching users can reward anchors and maintain real-time interaction on BIGO LIVE, and anchor users can share their lives and ideas, and communicate with users from all over the world through the linking function. Diamonds are a universal virtual currency within the BIGO LIVE platform and cannot be withdrawn, and can be used to purchase virtual gifts for the hosts, which is the main use of bigo diamonds.

About Bigo Payment

Bigo payments are received in the form of beans and a host needs to have at least 6700 beans in their BIGO wallet in order to get payments transferred to their bank account. When a viewer sends you a gift with their diamonds, the value of the diamonds is converted into the form of beans as you receive them added to your BIGO wallet. There are two ways to withdraw these beans, you can transfer them with your bank card or through Payoneer.


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