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Do you know Bigo Live? Bigo Live is a global live social platform launched in March 2016 by BIGO Technology (BIGO), one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence technology companies in Singapore. During your laid-back days, Bigo Live can help you pass the time and bring you up to speed on the world. Bigo Live is now the world’s leading live streaming video platform, so users can also live stream in real time, share their lives and communicate with people from all over the world on Bigo Live. Do you know how to recharge Bigo Live diamonds? Now, BIGO diamond recharge online!!!

How to recharge BIGO Diamonds safely online?

It is necessary to learn how to top up Bigo Diamonds online. When you watch a live stream and want to send him a gift, then you must have diamonds inside your Bigo Live wallet so that you can use them to buy virtual gifts for your favorite anchor. How to Bigo fast recharge online? The following two official methods are very safe!

Method 1: Recharge BIGO Diamonds on the APP

  1. Login to the Bigo Live APP;
  2. Click on the “Me” icon;
  3. Click on “Wallet”;
  4. Select “Diamond Packages”;
  5. Pay and you will be recharged successfully.

When you are watching a live stream and you find that you don’t have Bigo diamonds to buy gifts, you can also Bigo diamonds recharge by clicking on the icon for gifts directly at the bottom.

Method 2: BIGO LIVE Diamonds Recharge on https://www. bigolivetopup.com/

  1. Go to the officially authorized website;
  2. Select the amount of BIGO diamond recharge;
  3. Enter your BIGO ID and verification code;
  4. Select the payment method;
  5. After payment, BIGO Diamond top up is complete.

How to top up Bigo Live Diamonds online cheaply?

You’re out of diamonds! Looks like you need a BIGO Recharge! How to buy Bigo diamonds cheap? Safely topping up Bigo diamonds is of more concern to everyone, then the price as well! How to buy Bigo diamonds cheaply?


What should I do if I don’t have a suitable payment method and still want to top up Bigo Diamond cheaply? You can choose a reliable Bigo Diamond top up platform that offers a lot of discounts! In addition to being cheap, such a Bigo Live Diamond recharge platform is also very fast. Because they have 7*24 hours customer service online to solve all your Bigo recharge cheap problems. Just like bigolivetopup!

What is Razer gold?

Razer Gold is a payment method for games and gaming services. Bigo Diamond recharge can be paid with Razer Gold! How to recharge BIGO LIVE with Razer Gold?

  1. Go to the BIGO LIVE website;
  2. Enter your BIGO ID;
  3. Select Razer Gold as your payment method;
  4. Select the top-up amount and click “Confirm”;
  5. Log in to your Razer Gold account and finish topping up.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should I do if I make a top-up error? When purchasing Bigo Diamonds, you need to double check your account information and no refunds are allowed after top-up.
  2. What payment methods are available? In BIGO LIVE, you can select your region to see more payment methods. But there is no third party recharge platform to provide more, you can use bank card, credit card, Bigo recharge PayPal, Bigo recharge by Paytm and other payment methods.
  3. What are the reasons for not being able to top up? You can check if your region supports the officially provided top-up methods and make sure your bank card balance is sufficient.


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